Terms and Conditions

Company details:


Registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK, Kamer van Koophandel)

CoC: 64194140

VAT: NL002241351B34

Contact information:

Address: Kopakker 7

Postcode: 8256 BR

City, country: Biddinghuizen, Netherlands

Email address: info@beecosystem.eu

Phone number: (0031) 6 2841 5461


All products are shipping out of stock – typically this means they will ship within one week from the day of receiving email receipt confirmation of purchase (*Please do feel free to email us at info@BEEcosystem.eu with any questions you have about current order fulfillment timeline estimates!)

Customer credit information will be used to make the initial payment as well as any additional payments related to the original sale. All information received by BEEcosystem is processed through the third party payment processor Mollie. (mollie.com).


Items are shipped via our shipping partner. If you placed an order online through our store and your delivery address is within the EU, you will see an estimated timeframe of delivery after checkout – please note that this timeframe does NOT include our manufacturing LEAD TIME, as outlined in the above section; meaning that at times when we are sold out of HexHive inventory, your order reserves your hive for fulfillment ASAP immediately following our next/subsequent manufacturing run, guaranteeing you will receive your hive with our next batch, before we sell out again.

Additional shipping charges outside the EU are also calculated using standard carrier rates. BEEcosystem shall not be held responsible for import taxes, VAT, or any other duties or imports that may be levied upon the international shipment by the customer’s country of residence (or country of the ultimate delivery address provided by the customer). Any such duties or taxes levied upon import to any country outside the EU, against any products purchased, are the sole responsibility of the customer and not of BEEcosystem, which shall not be held liable for foreign import, sales, value-added, or any other variety of taxes or duties imposed upon sales by countries other than the EU-countries.

Upon sale, customer must indicate if an item is to be delivered to a business instead of a residential address. Customer is responsible for providing information pertinent to delivery, such as if a loading dock is available, if a location is under construction, etc.


Please inspect the packaging for external signs of damage. Open the package carefully and keep all packaging materials, including the box and/or crate, until the item has been determined to be undamaged.

If the customer determines the item to be damaged, please call BEEcosystem immediately at (+31) 6-28415461 to receive advice on how to proceed–if BEEcosystem does not answer, please leave a voicemail explaining the damage. Typically, BEEcosystem will ask the customer to photograph the damaged item and email the images to info@beecosystem.eu so that the shipping company can be informed of physical evidence of damage.

All claims of damages must be reported within 3 business days of receipt of item.


BEEcosystem aims to provide high quality products and customer satisfaction. Before shipment, products are inspected and tested thoroughly to ensure quality. BEEcosystem will consider each request on a case by case basis.

BEEcosystem cannot be held responsible for damages or complications related to delivery location, weather, improper installation, improper usage, unauthorized repairs and/or modifications, and/or normal wear and tear. Even though products are water-resistant, all products are considered for indoor use only and are designed for minimal exterior use or exposure to liquids. All wooden components are made by hand and slight variations from piece to piece will occur; these are not considered defects and will not be eligible for refunds.


Custom orders cannot be returned. Orders may be canceled within the first 48 hours following initial purchasing payment. If a customer wishes to cancel an order, the customer must notify BEEcosystem in writing via email to info@beecosystem.eu. Please be aware that BEEcosystem does not refund any charges made by payment providers, e.g. credit card duties. BEEcosystem will refund the amount we received minus costs charged for the refund. For example you paid €1.000 by credit card at a 3% cost rate. BEEcosystem will then refund €1.000 minus 3% = €970 – this then will be reduced by the refund costs of the credit card company. If that would be the same 3% we refund €940,90 in this example.

No items or components can be returned without prior authorization by BEEcosystem. As specified by BEEcosystem on an individual basis, including if a customer is unsatisfied by a defective item not caused by breakage during shipping, items may occasionally be required to be returned within their original packaging, or packaged for return shipment, and shipped at the expense of the customer to 8256BR Kopakker 7, Biddinghuizen, Netherlands.

Upon receipt of damaged items or components, BEEcosystem will determine whether the item or component can be repaired or replaced and at what, if any, cost to the customer. BEEcosystem will notify the customer as soon as possible with an approximate timeframe for an item repair or component replacement delivery. Shipping and/or return shipping charges may be nonrefundable.


See owner’s manual for all information related to installation, care, and maintenance of individual products. Product should only be used as specified in the product owner’s manual.

Some local municipalities and state governments do regulate laws pertaining to beekeeping in specific areas, and customers should review any local regulations that might exist in their area before purchasing BEEcosystem or beginning beekeeping.


All products supplied are proprietary to BEEcosystem and/or its licensors. BEEcosystem, its licensors or suppliers retain all proprietary rights in and to any products sold.


Hardware and products are sold by BEEcosystem subject to the condition that the sale does not convey any license, under any proprietary claim covering complete equipment, or any assembly, method or process in which any such products are used as components. BEEcosystem and its suppliers reserve all rights under such proprietary claims.


To the extent applicable by law BEEcosystem shall under no circumstances be liable for special, incidental, or consequential damages including loss of profit or opportunity, personal injury or death, which may be suffered or incurred howsoever arising directly or indirectly from the negligence or otherwise of BEEcosystem.

Customers agree by purchasing products from BEEcosystem that they hold BEEcosystem harmless from any and all claims, loss or damage to personal property, liabilities and costs, including attorney’s fees or third party claims, that might result from use of BEEcosystem products. If this limitation is illegal under another state or jurisdiction, persons can only claim real damages to the extent that these damages can be proven.


By purchasing a product or item from BEEcosystem the customer is agreeing to the above terms and conditions.