Top Bars


Set of top bars to use in BEEcosystem hex hives. Each set includes 6 top bars, 3 taller ones for the middle part and 3 shorter ones for the top.

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Set of Top Bars

Additional/Replacement set of top bars to use in any BEEcosystem hex hive. Each set includes six top bars, three tall top bars for the middle part and three shorter top bars for the top part. Suits in any BEEcosystem hex-hive. We strongly advise to not treat the top bars with any oil or waxes, as this may be harmful to the bees. They are ready to use the way you receive them. You can simply slide them into your hive.

When to replace the top bars in a BEEcosystem bee hive?

The initial set of top bars that comes with your hive(s) are made from high quality wood. Therefore they normally stay in good condition for at least 5-10 years. However anything can happen in this period. If it’s not due to wear and tear, it could accidentally break when you are maintaining your hive. Needless to say, when the top bars are damaged or broken they would need to be replaced.


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