Homeowner customer

I couldn’t be happier…I plan on expanding the hexagons all the way down the wall as the hive grows. My kids love it and my friends and family are just in awe. Its a great conversation piece when guests come over. This hive is very low maintenance…after just a few days of being installed, my bees already have over 6 inches of comb jutting down from the top frames.

adminHomeowner customer
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Stu Robarts

The BEEcosystem observation hive has been designed to help combat falling bee numbers by encouraging people to take up beekeeping and get educated about bees.

adminStu Robarts
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Tafline Laylin

conceived to bring people and bees closer together. To create a relationship. And to get people talking about bees and their how absolutely essential they are to pollinating our food supply.

adminTafline Laylin
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April Greene

acquainting people and the nature that sustains them, using a simple and elegant hands-on design

adminApril Greene
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Derek Markham

installed either indoors or out [BEEcosystem’s] modular nature allows for expansion of the hive as it grows

adminDerek Markham
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A. Christian Baum

The BEEcosystem has become our benchmark showcase for our company! Although our property is outfitted with countless unique features, nothing compares to the active BEEcosystem; boasting thousands of active bees, improving our local environment, producing honey, and educating curious guests young and old alike. The flexible and sexy design allows us to add additional BEEcosystems or relocate the system if needed, as the aesthetic is modern and adaptable!

adminA. Christian Baum
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