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Modular Indoor/Outdoor Observation Bee Hive

Protect our pollinators with BEEcosystem – a hive for healthier bees, happier planet.

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Reimagining the Observation Hive

BEEcosystem is an observation honeybee hive designed to make pollinator education more accessible to everyone, from hobbyists to agri/ecotourism and institutional educators. Indoor/outdoor wall-mountable and modular, this hive can grow along with your colony inside. BEEcosystem’s modularity offers a familiar ‘bee-space’ solution towards improving upon existing honeybee hive maintainability.

From our design perspective, we wanted to create an observation hive that intentionally provokes meaningful conversations about honeybees, especially engaging non-beekeepers and non-agricultural experts. In deliberately differing BEEcosystem from existing styles of observation hives, we celebrate a fusion of old and new ideas in apiculture: an emergent hive form, with a familiar removable top-bar hive frame functionality. In 2014, we field-tested the expandable top-bar observation hive design for 2 years, overwintering in the 4-season climate of central Pennsylvania, USA, before beginning to sell the BEEcosystem hive commercially in Spring 2017.

With a slim wall-mounted profile that can be incorporated into nontraditional beekeeping spaces and for new kinds of observation displays, each BEEcosystem unit or “HexHive box” contains six top-bar frames from which bees build foundationless comb. As a living testament to the intricate interplay between nature and innovation, BEEcosystem beckons individuals from all walks of life to embark on a journey of pollinator discovery.

Its adaptable design harmonizes with diverse environments, while its top-bar frames serve as a canvas for the bees’ collaborative architectural marvels. This revolutionary hive encapsulates nature’s brilliance and human curiosity in a mesmerizing dance of coexistence. As we gaze upon the hive’s intricate workings, we are reminded of the profound impact these small creatures have on our ecosystem. In fostering a deep connection between humans and honeybees, BEEcosystem kindles a flame of awareness, igniting a collective effort to preserve the delicate balance of our planet’s biodiversity.




Indoor Honey Bee Hive



Outdoor Honeybee Hive

Hive Features

Stay true to nature

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Each hive is handmade using high-quality, eco-friendly materials, including Western Red Cedar for the hive, lid cap, bottom drawer, and modular panel. Poplar wood is used for the top-bars to create a natural environment for the bees to build their comb on. Red Cedar is the perfect wood for hives as it is durable, visually appealing, and sustainable.

In addition to using sustainable materials, BEEcosystem also places a strong emphasis on safety in its hive designs. Our hives are designed to be easy to manage and maintain, with features such as observation windows that allow beekeepers to check on the bees without disrupting their natural behavior. We also use non-toxic finishes and adhesives to ensure that our hives are safe for bees and beekeepers alike. Our commitment to safety and sustainability means that our hives are not only good for the environment but also for those who use them.

Best Honeybee Hive Ecosystem Provider 2022 Award

Users testimonials

The BEEcosystem observation hive has been designed to help combat falling bee numbers by encouraging people to take up beekeeping and get educated about bees.

Stu Robarts – New Atlas

Acquainting people and the nature that sustains them, using a simple and elegant hands-on design

April Greene – PPDC

Conceived to bring people and bees closer together. To create a relationship. And to get people talking about bees and their how absolutely essential they are to pollinating our food supply.

Tafline Laylin – Inhabitat

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